Whatever activity you’re undertaking, you’ll want to keep going all day with these waterproof boots.
€ 53,99 € 89,99
Best Seller
Women's Peakfreak™ XCRSN II XCEL Low OutDry™ Hiking Shoe , front
Modern lightweight construction methods make this waterproof hiking shoe practically indestructible.
€ 76,99 - € 109,99
Best Seller
Women’s Wayfinder™ OutDry™ Shoe , front
This versatile trail shoe goes light on your feet, but keeps you dry with breathable waterproofing.
€ 119,99
Best Seller
Women's Santiam™ Sandal , front
Your go-to trail sandal for comfort, functionality, and effortlessness.
€ 44,99 - € 74,99
A well-loved trail shoe with abrasion-resistant mesh, firm yet forgiving cushioning, and rugged trac... Read More
€ 83,99 € 119,99
Whatever the activity, you’ll want to keep going all day with these durable, versatile and comfortab... Read More
€ 99,99
If you’re looking for a shoe that offers support whatever the sport or trail activity, this is the o... Read More
€ 59,99 € 99,99
These versatile sandals offer superior traction in wet conditions.
€ 48,99 € 69,99
Crafted of canvas, this classic summer sneaker is perfect for a beach bonfire or a backyard barbecue... Read More
€ 47,99 € 79,99
Perfect for warm days on the beach, the lake or even the back deck, these classic strap sandals adju... Read More
€ 59,99
Best Seller
Women’s Trans Alps F.K.T. II Shoes , front
A light yet rugged runner with a water-resistant overlay and great traction and support.
€ 83,99 - € 97,99 € 139,99
A classic slip-free trail sandal that protects against the wind and rain.
€ 41,99 - € 59,99
Best Seller
Woman’s Kea™ II Sandal , front
This sandal’s non-stop comfort comes from our patented midsoles crafted for shock absorption and con... Read More
€ 32,99 - € 54,99
Best Seller
Women's Drainmaker™ IV Shoe , front
A classic hybrid shoe built for wet or dry conditions with enhanced breathability and traction.
€ 53,99 - € 89,99
These trail running shoes are sure to be a favorite with great cushioning, flexibility, and support.
€ 71,99 - € 119,99
Best Seller
Women’s Ventralia™ 3 Low OutDry™ Shoe , front
These breathable, waterproof trainers are fantastically functional.
€ 65,99 € 109,99
Run on even the toughest terrains and in all weathers thanks to this waterproof trail running shoe.
€ 83,99 - € 119,99
Fly over rocky terrain in this sleeker version of our popular and waterproof trail running shoe.
€ 97,99 € 139,99
Best Seller
Women’s Peakfreak™ XCRSN II XCEL Mid Outdry® Shoe , front
Get out and about with this supportive and cushioning, high energy return mid shoe.
€ 90,99 € 129,99
Featuring a canvas upper and rubber sole, this easygoing slip-on shoe brings casual comfort.
€ 47,99 € 79,99
These versatile trail shoes feature waterproof-yet-breathable technology that keeps feet blissfully ... Read More
€ 90,99 € 129,99
Run comfortably on uneven terrain in this ultra-flexible, well-cushioned trail shoe with superior gr... Read More
€ 90,99 - € 129,99
These every day sandals are sleek-yet-so comfortable.
€ 34,99 - € 49,99
Our fast mountain running shoe serves up a supremely smooth ride with premium protection.
€ 97,99 € 139,99
Best Seller
Women’s Canyon Point™ Boot , front
Whatever the activity, you’ll want to keep going all day with these durable, versatile and comfortab... Read More
€ 79,99
Stylish in the streets and terrific on the trails, this versatile and waterproof boot allows you to ... Read More
€ 83,99 € 139,99
Ultra-lightweight performance trail shoes with waterproof-breathable tech and superior traction.
€ 104,99 € 149,99
A lightweight yet protective trail running shoe with rugged traction and a full-length foam midsole.
€ 71,99 € 119,99
These shoes keep you dry through puddles, streams, and surprise showers.
€ 99,99
Ultra-lightweight trail shoes made for performance with cushioned support and advanced grip.
€ 90,99 € 129,99
Open mesh/synthetic uppers ensure quick-drying breathability while midsole ports enhance airflow and... Read More
€ 55,99 € 79,99
With soft cushioning and high energy return, plus water-drainable ports, this sandal delivers.
€ 49,99
These shoes work well on a variety of terrain, so you can go from errands to the trail without missi... Read More
€ 99,99

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